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Products Overview
AFPMG for Small Wind Turbines & Hydro Power
        We manufacture a series of new energy high-efficient, disc-shaped, inner (outer) rotor, three-phase, Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator (AFPMG) with a coreless (ironless) stator.
AFPMG ensures unsurpassed performance that will be highly appreciated by direct-drive small wind turbine (SWT) and Hydro Power manufacturers.
AFPMG provide advantages in terms of size and appearance. The mechanical structure of an AFPMG is simple, and the winding concept with a stator structure gives the generator a good performance and high efficiency.
Constructions and Materials
      Advantageous Features
High efficiency at low speed
No mechanical drive losses, no rotor copper losses due to the permanent magnet excitation and no stator eddy current losses in the ironless (coreless) stator
The efficiency of AFPMG, depending on the model, is up to 90%.
Small dimension and weight
AFPMG is uniquely lightweight and compact, construction is simple. The generators use much less metal in their construction, while also being highly durable and having a long life. 
The generator's small weight and dimensions make it possible to reduce the size and price of the whole wind turbines.
The high specific capacity (output capacity per unit weight) significantly outperforms those from competing producers. This means that with similar dimensions and weight 
Very small maintenance costs  
AFPMG is direct drive, no gearbox, oil-free system, low temperature rise
The highest energy efficiency at low speeds in the industry means that the generators can support any type of wind turbine with the widest range of wind speed. 
The use of air-cooling reduces maintenance costs and also significantly strengthens the autonomy of power units 
Very low starting torque
AFPMG have no cogging torque and torque ripple, so the starting torque is very low, for direct-drive small wind turbine (SWT), the starting wind speed is less 1m/s.
Superior reliability 
Very low noise, less vibration, no mechanical belt, gear or lubrication unit, long life
Environmentally friendly
The 100% environmentally clean technology and materials used in production during its long service life and the future recycling are absolutely harmless for the environment.
  Main Applications
1、Small wind generators(SWT)
2、Small electrical generators driven by gasoline or diesel engines
3、Electric vehicle drive machines, as motor and generator.
4、Hydro Power
  Application of AFPMG offers an alternative solution in the sphere of electrical 
generators or electrical machines in general. Their disc-shaped construction and advantageous electromechanical characteristics represent the main features in alternative electrical energy production and in high efficient electric drive systems. 
  Operating Range of Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)
Construction and technical performance make Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) is a perfect choice for small wind turbine (SWT) applications. 
Operating range of PMG covers the needs of small wind turbine (SWT). For 1-5KW wind turbines, can use a single rotor-single stator of AFPMG, for 5KW-50KW turbines, can use AFPMG with a construction of single rotor-double stators, 
The power rating above 50KW are covered by Radial Flux Permanent magnet Generator (RFPMG).
Typical Models
Model Rated output power
Rated speed
Rated output voltage
More   info  Weight
AFPMG770 10.0 150 400VAC 165
7.5 150 380VAC
5.0 100 220VAC/380VAC
AFPMG700 5.0 150 220VAC/380VAC 135
3.0 100 220VAC/380VAC
AFPMG550 3.0 180 220VAC/380VAC 65
2.0 150 96VDC/220VAC/380VAC
1.5 100 96VDC/220VAC/380VAC
AFPMG450 2.0 180 96VDC/220VAC/380VAC 48
1.0 130 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC
1.0 100 96VDC/220VAC
AFPMG380 2.0 350 96VDC/220VAC/380VAC 32
1.5 300 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC
1.0 180 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC
0.5 100 56VDC/96VDC
AFPMG320 1.0 350 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC 20
1.0 300 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC
1.0 250 56VDC/96VDC/220VAC
0.5 200 56VDC/96VDC
AFPMG260 0.3 300 28VDC/56VDC 11
0.2 200 28VDC/56VDC
Rated power: 0.1KW-10.0KW
Rated speed: 100RPM-1200RPM
Rated voltage: 14VDC-400VAC
Generator outer diameter: 110mm-770mm
We can customize products according to customer requirements
We can do OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) for customers
Checklist Category
1. Dimension and tolerances
2. Output power, voltage and RPM
3. Insulation resistance examination
4. Starting torque
5. Output wire (Red, white, black, green/earth)
Operating Instructions
1. Working condition: under an altitude of 2,500 meters, -30 ° C to +50 ° C 
2. Before installation, gently turning the shaft or housing to confirm rotation flexibility, no abnormal sound.
3. AFPMG output is three-phase, three-wire output, before installation, use 500MΩ Megger to 
check the insulation resistance between the output wire and case, should not be less than 5 MΩ 
4. If AFPMG is inner rotor generator, in the installation process, should ensure that the locking screw in place, it is very important. 
Warranty: 2-5 years

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