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About Us
        QIANGSHENG MAGNETS CO., LTD (QM) is a manufacturer of first-class ultra-light permanent magnets, Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator (AFPMG) that stand out for their high specific capacity, suitability for a multitude of applications and long service life.
        We wish to offer our products to companies that manufacture small wind Turbines (SWT) installations of different performance levels.
        Our technology team has extensive scientific background and ongoing cooperation with internationally reputed research institutions in the field of electric drives.
        Our capability to engineer efficient and versatile applications with high precision is based on the state of the art design tools, testing and practical experience .
        With our technical expertise, our extensive inventory of permanent magnet materials, AFPMG and our precision component fabrication & assembly capabilities, we provide you with complete solutions. Having more than 10 years experience providing innovative products and design solutions globally, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, technical assistance and value to you.
        Our team and technology are available for your specific needs. Cooperation with industrial turbine manufactures and power converter manufactures guarantees robust design capable of working in though conditions in various industries. Our technical support team is ready to help you choose the perfect solution for your individual requirements.
        AFPMG save energy and materials. It is truly a cleaner technology at a low cost. Visit our website and turn to our professional technical team!

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